The Adamson Collection

The Adamson Collection Trust (ACT) aims to promote the life and work of Edward Adamson (1911 – 1996), the British artist who pioneered the use of art as therapy for those with experience of mental illness during his 35 years at Netherne Hospital. Today the Trust works to secure and promote the collection – some 5000 art works, recognised as historical mental health artefacts and an internationally important collection of Asylum Art and of Outsider Art.

The Adamson Collection at SLaM:

The Adamson Collection at the Wellcome Collection:

Art as Healing

Edward Adamson and John Timlin’s book Art as Healing won MIND Book of Year award in 1985. Art as Healing is a major text on art as therapy, and on the Adamson Collection, but had been out of print since 1991. In 2014 the Adamson Collection Trust (ACT) reprinted Art as Healing in a limited facsimile edition of 2000 copies. Copies can be purchased from the Wellcome Trust bookshop.